Coral Benders


As purveyors of rock and roll and fellows of the astral fringe, Washington, D.C.'s Coral Benders are no stranger to taking sonic liberties. Although the psych-garage rock band is well-known for reaching fried fish acclaim after their nautical concept album with Long John Silver's Fish Yeah! Records, the band has emerged from these watery depths— like our gilled ancestors —with their latest album, Foamin'. The record begins with nocturnal krautrock tracks and carries listeners to familiar destinations of punky, rhythmic, and spacey sounds present in the group's previous work. Their reverb-laden guitars, textured organ, and undulating bass define the high octane, fuzz-soaked cosmic rippers across their catalog.


  1. Foamin' album art
    Foamin' EP2022
  2. Hydrothermal Jazz album art
    Hydrothermal Jazz LP2021
  3. Dolores After Dark album art
    Dolores After Dark EP2020
  4. The Ballads of Long John Silver's album art
    The Ballads of Long John Silver's LP2019
  5. The Ballads of Long John Silver's album art
    Terra Foma LP2017